Surreal Times, Extreme Change

Dear Friends:

Today’s world has become an artificial melting pot of surreal places, people, situations and state of mind. In a world of mega mergers, bar codes, numbers and computers, humans have detached themselves more and more from their personal reality. We find ourselves in places and situations beyond our control. Whether you are stuck in traffic or your boss is writing your obituary, the system is always pushing you towards the extreme. We live in a time where the only certainty is change.

Americans are torn between their choices of which health club to join but are left with mainstream and boring alternatives. Unfortunately, which came first, the boring gym or the lazy individual? As the world becomes more hip, boxing and kickboxing will consolidate strength training and aerobic activities in a fun and thematic format. Fight Club is a refuge from all artificiality and today my vision has become a reality. Fight Club has attracted over 500 members, people of all ages, from different walks of life. The passion to pursue your personal dreams and goals begins by a sound body, mind and soul. Don’t sell yourself short and shoot for the stars! With faith, power, passion and inner-strength, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Finally, Fight Club is only as exciting as people in it. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to our amazing instructors for their talent, patience, depth and expertise. And, of course, to my wonderful members: thank you for giving me a fighting chance!


Sandro Flores
Fight Club America