Getting Fit and Staying Fit

To Get Fit and Stay Fit, You’ve got to Change the Way You THINK about Exercise.

The numbers are alarming: more than 61 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. Is the reason for this national health concern related to the lack of motivation toward exercise?

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Get Fit & Stay Fit

Experts say one way to get people motivated is to provide new and exciting ways to exercise. In health clubs across the country, boxing and martial arts-oriented workouts have become the exercise of choice for many Americans. Today, Fight Club takes this growing trend to the next level.
Change the way you think

Fight Club’s philosophy is that if people can change the way they think about fitness, they can change the way they exercise. You will discover new ways of thinking about the process of exercising that are different from any program you’ve tried before.
It is hard to do this alone

Most of us spend our days at a sedentary job and pass our evenings as “couch potatoes,” so it may require some determination and commitment to make regular activity a part of your daily routine. There is no question about the benefits of regular exercise, but it is hard to create and commit to an effective exercise program by yourself. There is a good chance you tried other exercise programs before but they simply did not work and you ended up feeling disappointed and frustrated.
Fight Club changes your emotional relationship with exercise

The paradox of today’s society is that it has programmed most of us to see food as a reward and accept exercise as a necessary evil, a punishment or, at best, as a chore. Eating has become an entertainment and a national pastime. Think of how often we eat ‘for fun’ and not because we are hungry. Taking someone out to dinner or sending them a package full of calorie-loaded chocolates is considered a way to show appreciation. Checking out that new hip restaurant is the highlight of your week and consuming the entire box of chocolate seems like the best way to unwind and treat yourself at the end of a long, stressful day. Simultaneously, getting moving is a challenge because today physical activity is less a part of our daily lives. There are fewer jobs that require physical exertion. We’ve become a mechanically mobile society, relying on machines rather than muscle to get around. In addition, we’ve become a nation of observers with more people (including children) spending their leisure time pursuing just that – leisure. Consequently, statistics show that obesity and the problems that come with it (high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc.) are on the rise. But statistics also show that preventive medicine pays off, so don’t wait until your doctor gives you an ultimatum.

Take the initiative to get active now. Our positive and motivational approach will change you. We use a revolutionary motivational process that will enable you to permanently change your emotional relationship with food and exercise to help you get to your natural comfortable weight and maintain it forever.
A positive, motivational and exciting experience

In just a few weeks you will learn how to master your mind, eliminate excuses, change your emotional relationship with exercise, and actually turn the process into a positive, exciting experience.