The Importance of Stretching

Stretching is among the most important things that you can do before exercising or starting any sort of athletic task. This is true for organized sporting activities like boxing and basketball, but it is also true for casual activities such as hiking, jogging or simply going to your fitness center.. Most people avoid stretching because they prefer not to commit the additional time, find it to be boring, or feel that it will not provide much help. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stretching will help you in many ways, from injury prevention to recovery to performance.

Injury Prevention: The most important reason why you should practice a stretching program is to prevent injury. Normally, this refers to a pulled muscle. If the muscles have not had the opportunity to loosen up and become limber before you start your activity, they will not be prepared for the increased stress they are about to experience. This is even truer if you have not been active the whole day, and have just been sitting down at work.

Pulled Muscles: You are able to pull muscles in almost any part of your body, though the calves and the thigh muscles are the most common injury from jogging. This may occur whenever you attempt to turn or cut, as you would in a game of tennis, but it can also happen when you are jogging in a straight line. Your muscles need to be able to twitch and react in the blink of an eye to help you keep your balance, and they cannot do this if you have not stretched.

Pulled Hip Flexor Muscle: Another frequent injury which stretching may prevent is a pulled hip flexor muscle. This is the muscle that runs up through the inside of your thigh to near your groin. Sometimes it is an extremely bad injury because it takes a lengthy period to heal after it has been injured. This makes it hard to lift your legs, which can have a huge impact on how effective you are able to run, or if you can run at all. Furthermore, this muscle is very easy to re-injure. Some people think that this injury has recovered and set out to jog, simply to injure it again since they have not stretched thoroughly.

Shoulder injury: A common injury among boxers is a shoulder strain. This can occur from sparring, focus mitts or just hitting the bag. It is imperative to stretch prior to any boxing activity as the shoulder absorbs a lot of strain during training.
What You Can Do: Stretching needs to be done often; it should regularly be done for a minimum of ten minutes before you begin any sort of athletic activity. After you have begun, it is best to stretch once more if you take a break. Muscles may tighten up immediately after inactivity because they will be tired. It is crucial not to run back out on the court or field or into the boxing ring once they have tightened up, or you could risk an even worse injury than at the outset of the event.

It is even a good idea to stretch just to start the day. It is an exceptional way to get the blood moving and prepare the muscles for the activity of work and play. Although this is not strictly required, it is always recommended. Ten minutes of stretching will go far toward helping you stay healthy and balanced no matter what sort of situation comes your way.