Class Descriptions

FIGHT CAMP – Put yourself to the test with one hour of military style intense circuit and interval training. Sculpt, tone and build your body to its peak performance. All Fitness levels.

BOXING EXPLOSION – after the initial warm-up followed by an intense post warm up, get ready to sweat! This class combines basic boxing fundamentals, plyometrics and High Intensity Interval Training to boost your heart rate and burn hundreds of calories. All fitness levels.

ULTIMATE KICKBOXING – Dynamic and explosive class that incorporates kickboxing techniques with an intense cardio workout. Increase your aerobic capacity, learn conditioning drills that improve your strength, agility and quickness while burning close to 1,000 calories a class! All fitness levels.

TECHNICAL BOXING – Class that encompasses the technical aspects of boxing with core strengthening exercises. Learn boxing skills such as correct form in throwing jabs, hooks and uppercuts, while working at an intense pace. Class is taught in 3-minute rounds with a warm up, cool down and core work. Push yourself to the limit and find the champion within you! All fitness levels.

MUAY THAI – Based on locking and throwing techniques which have evolved over thousands of years, Muat Thai involves an extremely effective self-defense system against virtually any attacker, armed or otherwise. This system can be used by anyone irrespective of strength, weight or gender. Training is gradual and tailored to your individual ability. Endurance, strength, flexibility and speed are all improved during training. Your confidence, coordination and reaction times will all improve. All fitness levels.

CIRCUIT INTENSITY- test the limits of your endurance with 60 minutes of extreme circuit training. Improve your strength, conditioning, stamina and flexibility with several intense agility exercises. All fitness levels.

CIRCUIT BREAKER – High intensity circuit class that will push you to your limits and strengthen your stamina, endurance, flexibility and balance. Be prepared to work!! All levels welcome

SPINNING – Challenge yourself to an intense indoor cycling class. High energy workout that takes you through sprints and climbs with changing positions and resistance. Burn calories, burn fat and have fun!!!